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9/8 - 9/12 DUI Sobriety Checkpoints in California

DUI sobriety checkpoints are designed to protect the public from motorists who may be driving under the influence. These checkpoints usually occur over the weekend and are near areas known for frequent DUI arrests.   If you plan on going out this weekend, please have a designated driver or hire a taxi as there will be plenty of DUI sobriety checkpoints all throughout California.

 Contact our California DUI Defense Attorneys if you happen to be arrested during a DUI checkpoint; we will look into the details of your arrest and will represent you throughout your entire case.

Friday 9/9

Fortuna: 9pm - early morning - 500 block of S. Fortuna Boulevard

Lynwood: 6pm-2am - undisclosed location

Modesto: 10pm-3am - city limits, undisclosed location

Pacifica: 7pm-1am - city limits, undisclosed location

Sacramento: 8pm - early morning - 5 th Street & L Street

Ventura: 8pm-3am - undisclosed location

Saturday 9/10

Buellton: 5:30pm - 11:30pm - undisclosed location

Rancho San Diego: 7pm-1:30am - undisclosed location

Santee: 8pm - 3am - undisclosed location

Monday 9/12

Costa Mesa: 6pm-12am - undisclosed location 

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