Your Guide to California DUI

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As your California DUI Guide, we provide you with comprehensive California DUI information, including DUI arrests, California DUI laws, California DUI penalties, California DUI and the DMV, and more. We provide you with the information you need and want when you have been charged with drunk driving in California. The California DUI Guide recommends that someone arrested for driving under the influence in California contact a California DUI Lawyers Association member immediately for information regarding their drunk driving case.*

We provide you with answers to such questions as:

  • How does a DUI arrest affect me?
  • What are the penalties for driving under the influence in California?
  • Are breath tests accurate?
  • Do I have to take a breath/blood test?
  • What happens if my Miranda rights were not read to me?
  • How is my driving privilege affected?
  • Do I need a California DUI lawyer?
  • What happens in court?

*The California DUI Guide is in no way affiliated with the California DUI Lawyers Association, however it is strongly recommended that someone arrested for driving under the influence contact a CDLA member immediately upon release for arrest as they most often have the necessary experience and knowledge to represent a person suspected of DUI.