Teens Badly Hurt in California DUI Accident Involving Pocket Bike

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 1-Apr-2011

California DUI Two Santa Cruz teens were badly hurt March 19 when they crashed their Honda “pocket bike” into a Nissan in Live Oak, the California Highway Patrol reported. The driver was arrested on felony DUI causing injury and felony child endangerment charges.

As reported by the Santa Cruz Sentinel, 19-year-old Gavin Hunt and a 13-year-old male passenger were riding the small “pocket bike”—which had no lights and was not registered for street use—on Mattison Lane in Live Oak. As Hunt approached Maciel Avenue, the bike collided with a Nissan Z.

Neither of the teens was wearing a helmet. Both suffered major injuries and were airlifted by helicopter to nearby hospitals.

As this story demonstrates, you do not have to be driving a car to be arrested for a California DUI. While they are often thought of as “toys,” anyone operating a pocket bike on a public street is subject to the same laws applicable to the driver of any other vehicle. This includes driving under the influence laws and DUI penalties.

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