California DUI Checkpoints 8-5 to 8-7

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 5-Aug-2011

Our California DUI Defense Lawyers are here to provide you with information regarding DUI sobriety checkpoints so that you are prepared if you ever have to go through one.   Even if you haven't been drinking and driving, a DUI checkpoint can be a stressful situation.

If you are arrested during a checkpoint, contact our California DUI Attorney as soon as possible as you could be facing lengthy license suspensions and even potential jail time.


Chino: 8pm-early morning - undisclosed location

Hemet: 8pm-2am - undisclosed location

Lake Elsinore: evening - undisclosed location

Lemon Grove: 7pm-2am - 6900 block of Broadway

Lompoc: 6pm-early morning - undisclosed location

Studio City: 8pm-2am - Ventura Blvd. between Eureka Dr & Fruitland Drive

Modesto: 9pm-2am - undisclosed locations

Oakland: 6pm-2am - undisclosed location

Sacramento: 7:30pm-early morning - Amherst St. & Meadowview Rd.

San Marcos: 7pm-3am - undisclosed location

Santa Maria: 6pm-1am - undisclosed location


Lodi: 6:30pm-2:30am - undisclosed location

Modesto: 10pm-3am - city wide roving DUI saturation patrol

Perris: 6pm-2am - undisclosed location

Santa Barbara: 9:15pm-3:15am - undisclosed location