How a New Orange County DUI Checkpoint Website Can Help You

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 28-Feb-2011

Do you plan on going out this weekend? Check out the new Orange County DUI Checkpoint website before you go!

DUI sobriety checkpoints are designed to deter motorists from drinking and driving.   These check points can be found in areas that are known for DUI arrests or are close to bars and restaurants.   The new OC DUI Check Point website is your one-stop-shop for past times and locations of checkpoints  and current DUI checkpoints in Orange County as well as other information that can be helpful to you.  

Check out the tips for avoiding an Orange County DUI as well as what to expect at an OC Checkpoint. If you are arrested during a checkpoint, you have a right to fight a DUI charge. Contact our leading Orange County DUI Lawyers today for more information!