America’s “Drunkest” Cities: Three California Cities in the Top Ten

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 14-Feb-2011

Although California has some of the most severe drunk driving penalties in the country, three California cities have been ranked the "drunkest" in America.

Fresno DUI According to USA Today, Fresno will receive the dubious distinction of being named the country's "drunkest" city in the March issue of Men's Health magazine.

Two other cities in California-  Riverside (#4) and Bakersfield (#10)-also made the top ten.

In contrast, Boston was named the least drunk city.

To determine its rankings, the magazine used data such as death rates from alcoholic-induced liver disease, DUI-related accidents, frequency of binge drinking, number of DUI arrests, and severity of DUI penalties.

The results should not come as a total surprise to residents of Fresno. The median age in Fresno is 29, and the number of bars within 15 miles is 106, according to

In response to the magazine's ranking, it is likely that the city will continue to step up its efforts to combat DUI with increased sobriety checkpoints in the coming months.

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