February 25-27 Weekend California DUI Checkpoints

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 25-Feb-2011

The weekend is upon us and that means that cops will be out and about, patrolling cities and conducting DUI sobriety checkpoints.  The list below provides you with information on certain cities; however, it is not a complete list of California DUI checkpoints that may be in your area.   If you are going to be out drinking, designate a driver or call a taxi to make sure that you are safe.  


Inglewood: 8pm-3:30am - on Florence Avenue at Centinela Avenue

Los Angeles: 8pm-2am - Ventura Blvd. between Noble Ave & San Diego Freeway Sherman Oaks

Riverside: 6pm-2am - undisclosed location

San Marcos: 7pm-2:30am - undisclosed location


Hemet: 8pm-2am - undisclosed location

Escondido: evening - undisclosed location

Lompoc: 6pm-midnight - undisclosed location

Oxnard: 6pm-2am - undisclosed location

San Francisco: 8:30pm-1am - Geary Blvd & 9 th Ave.

If you do find yourself arrested for driving under the influence, contact our California DUI Defense Attorneys immediately for more information.