Terra Linda Students Participate in Real California DUI Trial

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 16-Feb-2011

As reported in the Marin Independent Journal, 400 high school students were recently given the opportunity to observe a real DUI trial in their school’s performing arts center.
California DUI penalties The trial was the first for Marin Superior Court, which hopes to hold similar proceedings at every high school in the county over a two-year period.

After opening and closing arguments and testimony from two California Highway Patrol officers and a Department of Justice criminalist, Marin Superior Court Judge Kelly Simmons and a mock youth jury found the defendant, 29-year-old Amy Martinez, guilty of driving under the influence.

Simmons sentenced Martinez, a first-time DUI offender who had driven home after drinking two beers after work last August, to three years of probation and fined her $1,725, plus other fees. Martinez will not have to pay the full fine because of her participation in the program.

The proceedings were intended to drive home the consequences of drinking and driving to high school students as well as expose them to the DUI criminal court process in California.

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