DUI Checkpoints in California 7-8 to 7-10

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 8-Jul-2011

DUI sobriety checkpoints are designed to ensure that the public as well as motorists are safe from potential drunk drivers.   If you plan on going out this weekend, please take extra precaution in securing a designated driver or planning on getting a cab as there will be several DUI saturation points throughout the weekend.   Although most arresting officials are required to announce the time and city of an upcoming DUI checkpoint, many wait until the last minute so that people do not intentionally avoid having to drive through one.

If you happen to be arrested during a DUI checkpoint, contact our California DUI Defense Lawyers as soon as possible. We will represent you during both the DMV and criminal court hearings and we will check to make sure that the arrest during the checkpoint was done lawfully.


Los Angeles: 6pm-1am - Imperial Highway, between Main St. & San Pedro St.

Los Angeles: 6pm-1am - Eastbound Florence Ave., between Western Ave. & Denker St.

Palmdale: 6pm-2am - undisclosed location

Salinas: evening - undisclosed location