Woman Charged with Felony DUI and Child Endangerment

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 21-Jul-2011

A 30 year old woman was arrested for felony driving under the influence and child endangerment after she crashed her car with her infant daughter inside.  

According to the Lake County News, Sacha Shea Cooper was driving a 2004 Chevrolet Impala on Highway 29, north of Highway 281/Soda Bay Road, when she drifted across the center line and struck a 2004 Saturn.   The 31-year-old driver of the Saturn ended up in a ditch off the side of the road and sustained minor injuries and did not need to be taken to the hospital.   Cooper's vehicle also ended up on a dirt shoulder; when officers arrived, she was outside of her car with her 1 month old daughter in her arms.   Cooper was then arrested for a felony DUI, driving with an expired driver license and felony child endangerment.

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