DUI Arrest After High Speed Chase

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 15-Jun-2011

A high speed chase in Glen County has resulted in a Willows man being arrested for driving under the influence.

According to Willows Journal, Scott E. Hanson was driving a white GMC Sierra when he himself called police and told them that he had taken several pills, was driving around and didn't want to be found.  Once officers located the GMC Sierra, they attempted to pull over Hanson' instead, Hanson refused to pull over and led officers on a 15 mile high speed chase.   Hanson reached speeds of up to 70 mph and even drove off the side of the road to get around vehicles.   Hanson finally pulled over and he was arrested for driving under the influence and fleeing police and is being evaluated by the Glenn Medical Center.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, contact our California DUI Attorneys as soon as possible as you have only 10 days to contact the DMV to request a hearing on the automatic suspension of your license.