DUI on Prescription Drugs in California

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 8-Jun-2011

California DUI Many California drivers are unaware that driving under the influence charges do not always involve alcohol. As we recently highlighted on our blog, driving under the influence of drugs can be just as dangerous.

This post will summarize what you need to know about driving under the influence of drugs or DUID in California.

First, under California law, it is illegal to drive while intoxicated by any substance, whether it is alcohol, drugs, or both. California DUID cases involve drivers who are impaired by illegal drugs such as methamphetamine or cocaine as well as prescription drugs such as Vicodin or Ambien.

This means that you could be arrested for California DUID even if you are under the influence of a drug that was legally prescribed by your doctor. As you are likely aware, many of these drugs contain warnings about operating a motor vehicle.

Since a California DUID offense can result in many of the same penalties as a typical California DUI, including fines, license suspension, and possible jail time, it is imperative to consult with an experienced California DUI attorney.