Man Saved From Jumping Off Bridge, Arrested for DUI

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 13-Jun-2011

A 40 year old man, who was previously driving under the influence, was successfully detained after he threatened to jump from the Bay Bridge in San Francisco Saturday afternoon.

According to the California Beat, the man drove onto the bridge, got out of his vehicle and climbed onto the ledge of the bridge at around 2:45pm.   California Highway Patrol closed several lanes on both the upper and lower deck of the Bay Bridge as a precaution and the United States Coast Guard dispatched a boat to wait at the underside of the bridge just in case.

Officers and negotiators were able to convince the man to not jump at around 4:30pm and he was taken to the local hospital for medical evaluation. The man then was arrested after officers discovered he had been driving under the influence prior to attempting to jump from the bridge.

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