Memorial Weekend Results in Multiple DUI Arrests

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 1-Jun-2011

Memorial Day weekend is a time that friends and family gather to have a good time, barbeque and have a couple of drinks. Because most arresting officials know this, they schedule and set up multiple DUI checkpoints throughout California to ensure the safety of motorists from those who have been drinking and driving in Orange County.  These California DUI checkpoints are designed to not only protect the public but to also warn them of the seriousness and dangers that can occur when someone drinks and drives.

According to the OC Register, 148 people were arrested for driving under the influence throughout the weekend’s DUI checkpoints. Unfortunately, a teenage girl from Irvine lost her life due to an intoxicated driver who plowed his vehicle into the one girl was in early Sunday morning.   A drunk pedestrian in Fountain Valley was struck by an SUV as he crossed the street and two OC residents died in a DUI-related accident in Riverside County.  

Our California DUI Attorneys send their condolences to the friends and family members of all the DUI related victims.