OC DUI Checkpoint Leads to Only 1 DUI Arrest

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 23-Jun-2011

A recent DUI Checkpoint in Orange County resulted in only one driving under the influence even after over 700 vehicles were screened.

According to the OC Register, over 1000 vehicles passed through the Bristol St. and Randolph Ave. DUI sobriety checkpoint late Wednesday evening but only one individual was actually arrested for a DUI. These checkpoints are designed to protect the public from drunk drivers however; it seems as if they are just a way to spend tax payer as well as state and federal agencies money.  

Out of the 713 vehicles screened, 10 were towed, 30 driver's licenses were investigated, two warrants were served and 18 individuals were given citations.  Once passenger decided to throw out a can of beer before approaching the DUI checkpoint; officers cited the driver for allowing an open container in the vehicle while the passenger was arrested for an outstanding DUI warrant.

Contact our California DUI Attorneys today if you have been arrested for driving under the influence during a DUI sobriety checkpoint.   These checkpoints must follow specific DUI checkpoint guidelines and if those guidelines are violated, then you may receive a more favorable outcome in your specific case.