Woman Causes DUI-Related Accident on I-5

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 14-Jun-2011

A 39-year-old Colusa woman causes a serious accident and was arrested for driving under the influence early Monday morning.

According to the Orland Press Register, Jude Tenbear was driving north on the I-5 around 2:15am at around 100 mph when she rear ended a 1991 Toyota with her 2006 Pontiac.   The force caused the Toyota to continue down the road uncontrollably before it flipped over. Tenbear's vehicle also followed the Toyota and burst into flames moments after Tenbear escaped the vehicle.   Three San Francisco residents have been hospitalized with serious injuries while Tenbear was treated with minor injuries.   Officers arrested the Colusa woman for driving under the influence and booked her at the local jail with an $80,000 bail.

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