California Man Arrested for DUI After Multi-City Chase

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 31-Mar-2011

A California man has been arrested for driving under the influence, drug possession, drug use and assaulting a police dog after he led officers in a 3am high-speed chase.

Scott Balbirnie of Long Beach was driving erratically in Orange County when officers tried to pull him over. Instead, Balbirnie lead officers on a chase through Huntington Beach, Westminster and Seal Beach.  The OC Register states that after multiple requests and announcements for Balbirnie to exit the vehicle, officers used a tactic to break his windows to get him out; however, the driver continued to resist and began punching the K-9 that was being used.   Officers Tasered the driver and noticed that he was nude from the waist down; Balbirnie was taken into custody and booked at the OC Jail after he was treated for dog bites.

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