Strange But True: Man Takes Swig of Beer During DUI Stop

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 17-Mar-2011

California DUI While the DUI arrest did not take place in California, this odd DUI story warrants sharing.

According to Fox 8 News in Cleveland, police pulled over 25-year-old Stephen Supers because officers had observed him speeding. Upon being asked if he had been drinking, Supers took a swig from an open container in his vehicle and proudly responded, "Yes."

Supers failed a series of sobriety tests shortly thereafter.

He is charged with driving under the influence, driving under suspension, and possession of marijuana.

Clearly, Mr. Supers exemplifies what NOT to do during a traffic stop. So what should you do if the officer asks if you have been drinking?

•    While you are required to give your name, license, and registration to the police officer, you do not have to answer any questions.

•    If the officer asks you if you've been drinking or how much-and you're concerned that you might incriminate yourself-you do not have to answer. Simply say, "I'm sorry, officer, but I've been advised not to answer any questions."

•    If you only had one drink with dinner, it may be preferable to answer the question since one drink will generally not put you over the legal limit.

•    If you answer a question, tell the truth because if it is later discovered that you have lied, it can be used against you in court.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence in California after a traffic stop, contact our California DUI attorneys today.