Top Ten California DUI Statistics You May Not Know

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 2-Mar-2011

California DUI attorney 1. The median (midpoint) age of an arrested DUI offender in 2008 was 30 years.

2. Among convicted DUI offenders arrested in 2007, 73.6% were first offenders and 26.4% were repeat offenders (one or more prior convictions within the previous 10 years).

3. The median blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of a convicted DUI offender, as reported by law enforcement, was 0.15% in 2007, almost double the California illegal per se BAC limit of 0.08%.

4. In total, 20.4% of all 2008 California DUI arrests occurred in Los Angeles County.

5. Five counties (Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside) had over 10,000 DUI arrests each, accounting for 48.8% of all arrests.

6. Males comprised 80.2% of all 2008 DUI arrests.

7. In 2008, Hispanics (45.5%) represented the largest ethnic group among DUI arrestees as they have each year since 1992.

8. In 2007, 78.8% of DUI arrests resulted in convictions of DUI offenses.

9. The court sanction most frequently applied to all convicted DUI offenders in 2007 was probation (95.8%), while the least frequently used court sanction was ignition interlock (5.3%).

10. At the end of 14 years, 30% of DUI offenders originally convicted in 1994 had at least one subsequent DUI conviction, and 33% incurred at least one DUI incident.

*Data provided by the 2010 Annual Report of the California DUI Management System

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