Facebook Used for Crime Solving & DUI Checkpoints

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 10-May-2011

Every since social media sites have been all the rage, professionals have been utilizing the power of the internet to help increase business or in this case, help solve crimes. Worried about where the next DUI checkpoint will be? Don't worry, there's a California DUI Facebook page dedicated to just that!

Facebook has helped police departments gather additional information about crimes being committed and have helped inform the public of missing persons or other important safety issues. According to the Evening Post, there has been an increase of 1000% since 2008 where callers have mentioned Facebook when providing officials with tips or information.  With Facebook being internationally known and used, two police departments in the United Kingdom have reported over 3,179 calls, both emergency and non-emergency related, where the word "Facebook" was mentioned.  

Thankfully, Californian's do not have to look far to benefit from the information posted on Facebook.  With a growing number of computer-savvy individuals, Facebook allows users to find out all sorts of information, from warnings of wanted individuals, to information about upcoming California DUI checkpoints or even information on how to get in touch with a leading local Orange County DUI Attorney.   

Whether you are new to this Facebook world or you have a list of over 2000 friends or "fans", it is great to know that one can find all sorts of information that is both helpful and available with a simple "like" button. Contact our California DUI Lawyers today for more information regarding driving under the influence charges in California.