Only 2 DUI Arrests Made During an Orange County DUI Checkpoint

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 9-May-2011

DUI Checkpoints are designed to protect the public as well as other motorists from potentially fatal accidents. However, many times these DUI sobriety checkpoints cause more of a headache for motorists and do not net as many DUI offenders as officials would like.   Tax payers’ money ends up going towards these checkpoints but is it really worth it?

A great example comes from this weekend’s Orange County DUI checkpoint that occurred in Irvine, at Campus Drive and Bridge Road. The DUI checkpoint was scheduled for several hours near the university where one would imagine many college age kids drinking and driving.   According to the OC Register, officers stopped 545 vehicles during the scheduled OC DUI checkpoint.   Out of almost 600 vehicles that passed through, officers conducted 9 DUI sobriety field tests and only arrested 2 DUI offenders.  

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