Weekend California DUI Checkpoints 5/12-5/14

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 12-May-2011

Starting tonight, there will be multiple DUI sobriety checkpoints set up in various cities throughout California. The list below is designed to provide you with information regarding the times and potential locations of these DUI checkpoints.   During a check point, arrested officers look for signs of intoxication and will ask motorists to perform field sobriety tests and might administer a breathalyzer test.   If you are arrested during a DUI checkpoint, contact our California DUI Defense Attorneys today.

Thursday, May 12th

Moreno Valley: 6 pm-evening - undisclosed locations

Friday, May 13th

Coachella: 7pm-2am - undisclosed location

Fontana: 6pm-1:30am - undisclosed location

Hemet: 8pm-2am - undisclosed location

Indio: 7pm-2am - undisclosed location

Los Angeles: 8pm-3am - Vermont Ave. & 3 rd St.

Los Angeles: 6pm-1am - Manchester Blvd, between Hoover St. & Figueroa St.

Poway: 7pm-2:30am - undisclosed location

Rancho Mirage: 8pm-2am - undisclosed location

Santa Rosa: 7pm-1am - undisclosed location

Tracy: 6pm-2am - undisclosed location

Yuba City: evening - undisclosed location

Saturday, May 14th

Long Beach: 6pm-2am - undisclosed location

Norco: 7pm-3am - undisclosed location

Perris: 6pm-1am - undisclosed location 

Yuca Valley: 7pm-3am - undisclosed location