California DUI Sobriety Checkpoints September 23rd-25th

Posted By Thomas V. Wallin || 23-Sep-2011

Our California DUI Defense Lawyers have compiled the list below to provide you with the times and cities of DUI sobriety checkpoints that will be occurring this weekend.   Although most of these checkpoints have been announced, it is not uncommon for their actual location to be undisclosed as arresting officers are attempting to prevent motorists from purposely avoiding the area where a checkpoint will be.  By making the location "undisclosed", officers have a better chance at arresting those who have been driving under the influence.

If you are arrested for a California DUI during a DUI Sobriety checkpoint, contact our California DUI Attorneys as soon as possible. You have only 10 days to contact the DMV to request a hearing that is separate from your criminal court hearing! Let our DUI Defense Lawyers in California request and conduct the hearing for you! Call us at 888-844-4384 or fill out our free DUI case evaluation form!

Friday, Sept. 23rd

Hanford: 6pm-2am - undisclosed location

San Juan Capistrano: 6:30pm - 2:30am - undisclosed location

Santa Maria: 6pm-1am - undisclosed location

Saturday, Sept. 24th

Costa Mesa: 6pm-2am - undisclosed location

Fontana: 6:30pm-2am - undisclosed location

Los Angeles: 8pm-8am - Cahuenga Blvd. & Broadlawn Dr.

Modesto: 10pm-3am - DUI roving saturation patrol

Sunday, Sept. 25th

Livermore: 2pm-10pm - undisclosed location