California Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

Sometimes a California drunk-driving (DUI) or drug (DUID) arrest is simply the unfortunate result of a chronic problem that is better addressed in an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center rather than jail.  California Courts and prosecutors now realize that simply “locking away” DUI/DUID offenders is not always the best idea because any underlying addiction issues will not be treated.  Thus, both courts and prosecutors are now allowing alternative sentencing options in lieu of jail.  One of these is having convicted California DUI defendants receive treatment in an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center for a pre-determined amount of time as part of probation.  Qualified California DUI/DUID lawyers will often prevail upon a judge to allow alcohol and drug rehabilitation as a viable alternative to jail.

The California Penal Code Section 2900.5 provides that time spent in an alcohol or drug rehabilitation center will count as jail time.  In some instances, if the time spent in rehabilitation exceeds the amount of time a California Drunk Driving defendant would have spent in jail, then this extra time may be credited toward California DUI fines that were imposed.  Some alcohol and/or drug rehabilitation programs are covered by health insurance.  While the length of treatment time does vary, most rehabilitation programs run about 30 days.  Most California rehabilitation facilities are privately owned and many have waiting lists.