The Defense Expert in a California Drunk Driving Case

In order to counteract any testimony given by a prosecution expert, a skilled California DUI defense lawyer will often call his or her own “expert” to testify.   Defense experts include forensic toxicologists, forensic ophthalmologists, accident specialists, biomechanical engineers, and others.  The use of experts is extremely important in drunk-driving cases and savvy California DUI attorneys will use experts to challenge a number of prosecution claims. 


Experts in the field of DUI law can be invaluable to California DUI defense attorneys.  They can help uncover suppression issues that the  California drunk driving defense lawyer can use, and they can help rebut any testimony given by a prosecution expert.  One of the primary purposes for using a defense expert witness is to support the idea that there are possibly other explanations as to whether or not a CA DUI defendant was actually driving while under the influence.  Such experts can testify as to the scientific aspects of begin intoxicated and also raise issues as to the prosecution’s own expert’s hypothetical theories and conclusions previously made.