Bakersfield DUI Guide

An arrest for a Bakersfield DUI can change your entire life.  From alcohol programs to potential jail time your personal and professional life are in jeopardy.  The most important and time sensitive thing to remember is that you only have TEN CALENDAR DAYS TO CONTACT THE CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES AND PUT A STAY ON THE AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION OF YOUR LICENSE.


A Bakersfield Drunk Driving case has two distinct cases: a civil and a criminal case.  The criminal case will be held through the Kern County Superior Court system and begins with the arraignment date listed on the citation issued to you following release from arrest.  The civil case is an Administrative Per Se Hearing through the California Department of Motor Vehicles.


Bakersfield DUI Criminal Case

In a misdemeanor Bakersfield DUI case the first court date will be listed on the citation or ticket issued to you on release from arrest.  This arraignment date is mandatory if you do not hire a qualified  Bakersfield DUI Defense Attorney to appear on your behalf.  At the arraignment, the charges against you will be read and you can either continue the matter to another court date or you can enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.  A not guilty plea will cause the matter to be set for pre-trial.  A number of things happen at a  Kern County DUI pre-trial hearing.  Pre-trial motions can be run and other preparations will be made that are necessary prior to a trial.  Most often negotiations can be entered into to find a favorable disposition in the case.  To find out more about the  Kern County DUI Criminal Process follow our  California DUI Guide or contact a highly qualified Bakersfield DUI Defense Attorney.