Marin County DUI Guide


Hiring a qualified Marin DUI Lawyer

There are a number of important decisions that you should make immediately after being arrested for a Marin County DUI.  Most decision have to be made very quickly, but you should be careful not to make rash choices.  This is particularly important when deciding which Marin DUI Attorney you are going to hire.  You should feel comfortable with the California Drunk Driving Lawyer that you retain.  You want to have a firm understanding of the retainer fee and what it covers.  It is a good idea to take advantage of the free case consultation that most leading Marin Criminal Defense Attorneys offer.  Fill out our free online Marin DUI case evaluation now and receive a call back from a skilled Marin DUI Lawyer.   


Ten Day Rule in a Marin DUI

One of the most timely actions you must take is contacting the California Department of Motor Vehicles.  The DMV can automatically suspend your license for a minimum of four months following an arrest for a Marin DUI.  This suspension will start 30 days after your arrest or the date that your temporary license expires.  In order to stay the suspension you must contact the DMV within ten calendar days of your arrest to request a hearing.

DMV Hearing in a Marin DUI

When you request the DMV hearing following an arrest for a Marin County DUI you will want to do it over the phone and in writing.  All too often requests that are only made orally are lost and not recorded.  If you hire a highly capable California Drunk Driving Defense Attorney within ten calendar days they can request the hearing on your behalf and conduct the hearing once it is scheduled.  To find out  more about the DMV hearing in a Marin DUI visit the California Department of Motor Vehicles website or contact one of our experienced Marin Criminal Defense Lawyers.