Sacramento DUI Guide


Contact the DMV within 10 Calendar Days or Automatically Lose your License 30 Days after your Arrest.

The most important thing to remember is that your license will automatically be suspended following an arrest for a Sacramento DUI if you do not contact the California DMV within 10 calendar days of your arrest.  Known as the “Ten Day Rule” this is the most time sensitive aspect of your Sacramento DUI case and failure to act will result in automatic action.  This is completely independent of the criminal court case.  If you contact a skilled Sacramento Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer within ten days of your arrest then not only will they be able to conduct the hearing on your behalf but also request the hearing via facsimile and certified mail.


Hiring a Qualified Sacramento DUI Lawyer

Likely one of the most important decisions you will make following an arrest for a Sacramento Drunk Driving incident is which Sacramento DUI Attorney that you hire.  There are a number of factors to take into consideration prior to hiring a defense attorney to represent you.  First, most reputable Sacramento DUI Lawyers offer a free initial consultation that you should take advantage of.  Second, you want to hire a criminal defense attorney that is local to the Sacramento area and knows the Sacramento County Court System.  Finally, you will want to be sure that the Sacramento Criminal Defense Lawyer that you are considering dedicates the majority of their practice to drunk driving defense, knows DUI law and is a member of a number of reputable organizations.  To find a Sacramento DUI Lawyer to represent you fill out our free online California DUI case evaluation now or contact the attorney below directly.


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