San Fernando DUI Guide


Finding a San Fernando DUI Attorney

When considering which San Fernando DUI Attorney to hire, you will want to take a number of things into consideration.  Primarily, you will want to make sure that the California Drunk Driving Lawyer you are considering is local to the San Fernando area.  The second thing you will want to be sure of is that you have a firm understanding of the retainer agreement.  Many retainers in misdemeanor  San Fernando DUI cases only provide up until trial.  This means that the trial may require an additional retainer.  Finally, make sure to ask the attorney that you plan on hiring what organizations they belong to.  Fill out our  free online San Fernando DUI case evaluation and receive a call back from a qualified San Fernando DUI Attorney.


Posting Bail following an arrest for a San Fernando DUI

If you are arrested for a felony San Fernando DUI then you may be required to post bail.  Bail is a monetary guarantee paid to the court to ensure that you will make all future court appearances.  Since bail can be tens of thousands of dollars, it may be necessary to hire a professional bail bondsman.  You will be required to pay the bail bondsman a percentage of the total bond (usually ten percent).  If you hire a  San Fernando DUI Defense Lawyer prior to contacting the bail bondsman, you may be eligible for a reduced rate. 


San Fernando DUI Criminal Process

One of the most important things to remember is that two unique actions are started once you are arrested for a San Fernando DUI.  The first is a civil procedure through the Department of Motor VehiclesRemember you have only ten calendar days from the date of your San Fernando DUI arrest to contact the DMV to request a stay on the automatic suspension of your license.  The second is a criminal procedure through the Los Angeles County Superior Court system.  If you are convicted of a San Fernando DUI you could face hefty fines, jail time, mandatory alcohol programs and a second license suspension.  To find out more about the San Fernando DUI criminal process contact a dedicated California Drunk Driving Defense Attorney now.


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