Paso Robles Wine Tasting Adventures and Avoiding a DUI

For anyone interested in taking a trip to Paso Robles for some wine tasting, please read on…

Although this probably hurts California DUI Guide in the revenue department we DO NOT advocate drinking and driving and after a recent company trip have some very good recommendations for those considering a trip to Paso Robles Wine Country. The staff for the California DUI Guide consisted of President and Owner Thomas Wallin as well as Professional Wine Connoisseur and part time Nurse Practitioner Kathleen Gouldy (her professional wine taster name is simply Kat).

Places to stay: Having had a few trips under our belts we can, without hesitation recommend as the only place to stay The Wine Makers Porch, Bed and Breakfast located in Paso Robles as part of the Frances James Vineyard.Marlow and Corinne

You will be greeted by 2 of the nicest, caring and fun couples you could ever imagine. Marlowe and Corinne have created the perfect atmosphere for those wanted to get away from the rat race of the city to relax and enjoy company with friends as well as make some new friends along the way.  We were treated to a great breakfast each morning including fresh fruit, juices, and an array of items to get us going (on a side note, Mr. Wallin did miss part of the first day's breakfast and Marlow was kind enough to take the time to whip him something up before the weekends adventures).

Not only did the staff at California DUI Guide enjoy the hospitality of the owners but the inviting setting made for great conversation with a few other guests B and B Breakfast which cumulated in an awesome BBQ thanks to another guest, Anthony who even risked 3rd degree burns on the grill while cooking the perfect steaks. We shared stories, wine and thanks to Marlow and Kat, a little ice cream covered with Port which I highly recommend.