Sonoma DUI Guide


You only have ten calendar days from the date of arrest to contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles.  Failure to contact the DMV within 10 days will result in the automatic suspension of your license.

Contacting the DMV in a Sonoma County DUI Case

When you contact the Department of Motor Vehicles following an arrest for a Sonoma DUI you will want to have all of the information available from your citation available.  Most likely the California DMV will ask you for information such as the arresting agency, officer, badge number, citation number, whether you did a breath or blood test and other personal information.  If you contact the DMV via phone it is vital to follow up with a letter sent via fax or certified mail so that you have a record of the request.


Hiring a Sonoma County DUI Attorney

Being arrested for a Sonoma County DUI can be one of the most terrifying experiences you will ever go through.  Likely it was late when you were pulled over, you probably had been drinking and were asked to perform numerous coordination tests.  There are so many variables to a Sonoma Drunk Driving case, it is vital to contact a leading California DUI Defense Attorney.  Fill out our free online Sonoma DUI Lawyer case evaluation.


Sonoma DUI Criminal Process

The criminal process in a Sonoma Drunk Driving case begins with the arraignment.  The arraignment date is listed on the citation issued to you upon release from your Sonoma DUI arrest.  If you hire a qualified Sonoma County Criminal Defense Attorney then in most cases they can appear on your behalf at all criminal court appearances.  Fill out our free online Sonoma DUI case evaluation now and receive a free initial consultation from a top California Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer.


Sonoma County Superior Courts

Sonoma County Hall of Justice
600 Administration Drive, Room 105J
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
(707) 521-6500