Ventura DUI Guide


Hiring a Ventura DUI Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested for a Ventura DUI then most likely one of the most important decisions you will make is which California Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer you hire.  There are a number of things that you must take into consideration prior to hiring an attorney.  Foremost you will want to make sure that the Ventura DUI Defense Lawyer is local to Ventura County and knows the courts.  Also, you should take advantage of the free case consultations offered by many reputable California DUI Defense Attorneys.  Fill out our  free online Ventura DUI case evaluation now and receive a call back from a leading California Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer.


You must contact the Department of Motor Vehicles within ten calendar days of your Ventura DUI arrest or your license will be suspended for a minimum of four months.

Contacting the Department of Motor Vehicles in a Ventura DUI Case

The most timely factor in a Ventura DUI case is requesting your DMV hearing.  A DMV hearing is completely separate from the criminal court case.  When you request your Administrative Per Se (APS) hearing through the Department of Motor Vehicles you will have to call the local driver's safety branch not just any division of the DMV.  Be sure to request the hearing orally and in writing to keep a record.  Hire a qualified  Ventura DUI Defense Attorney within ten days and they can contact the Department of Motor Vehicles on your behalf.