County Information - California DUI

When considering which California DUI Defense Attorney to hire it is important to consider where they practice and how well they know the local courts.  An attorney who regularly appears at a court house can often work out more favorable dispositions than one who has only made appearances in the area a few times, or maybe not at all.  Each county in California is unique in their handling of driving under the influence cases.  To that fact, each courthouse within the county may vary slightly from the next.  Given these wide variances it is vital to consult  California DUI Defense Lawyers that not only know drunk driving law but also have a firm understanding of the jurisdictions in which they purport to represent. 

No matter what county you received the California DUI in, we can help.  Our database of highly qualified California Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys dedicates the majority of their practice to DUI and will work with you hand in hand through every step of your criminal case.  If you contact one of our California DUI Defense Lawyers within ten calendar days of your arrest then they can contact the Department of Motor Vehicles on your behalf and request your APS hearing.  In most cases, the CA Drunk Driving Defense Attorney you hire can appear at all criminal court hearings without you being present, however if your charge is a felony then you will have to be present at all criminal court hearings.