Choosing a DUI Lawyer

Once you have been arrested for driving under the influence in California, the most important decision that you need to make is what CA DUI Lawyer you want to represent you.   While being arrested for drunk driving can become quite costly, the best thing that you can do is have a reputable and knowledge California DUI Defense Attorney at your side.

When looking to retain counsel, please make sure that the attorney you're looking to hire is reputable and has been practicing DUI defense for awhile, is local to your area or knows your area's court system and a lawyer who offers a financing plan that you're able to work with.

What to Look For In a CA DUI Attorney

Our California DUI Law Firm has been practicing DUI defense for over a decade.   We have handled all different types of driving under the influence charges; from a 1 st time DUI to a multiple DUI offense as well as felony DUI, underage DUI and DUI with an accident.   Regardless of your type of arrest, we will handle your case with professionalism while providing you with the necessary information so that you can make an informed decision.

Another important aspect in finding the right attorney for your specific case is to make sure that the attorney you retain is local to your area and knows the court system.  Our California DUI Lawyers have practiced DUI defense all throughout California and have offices in several locations throughout Southern California; contact our CA DUI Law Firm to find out more!

Our attorneys understand that being arrested for drunk driving in California can be not only frustrating but also expensive. Because of this, we are willing to work with you specific financial situation and offer an affordable financing plan.   We accept all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express and will provide you with the ability to pay on a monthly basis.   Fill out our free DUI case consultation form today to have a dedicated attorney contact you to discuss the details of your case!