Choosing a California DUI Attorney

When you are choosing a California DUI attorney, it is important that you take your time and "interview" a few before deciding which one will be able to build the best possible defense for you. Almost all California Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys offer free initial consultations; be sure to take advantage of this. Fill out the free online California DUI case evaluation and a call back from a capable California Criminal Defense Lawyer.

What to Look For In a California Drunk Driving Lawyer

First off, you should feel comfortable with the CA DUI attorney that you want to hire. This of course means that you have to actually meet with the attorney. Some law firms use paralegals to interview clients, be sure to ask to talk directly with the California Drunk Driving Lawyer. Does the attorney answer your questions to your satisfaction? Did the CA DUI Defense attorney treat you with respect or did you feel that he or she "spoke down" to you? Does the attorney belong to California criminal defense attorney-associations that reflect their credibility? Some of the more common California criminal defense attorney-affiliations include: California DUI Attorney - California DUI Lawyer